Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Quarter Moon – Where the Action Is

The First Quarter Moon arrives on Friday, October 27, 2017 at 6:22 PM EDT.  Quarter Moons call for action.  The energy has been shifting all week with Mars’ entry into Libra on Sunday the 22nd and the Sun entering Scorpio on Monday the 23rd.  Change is in the air.  Thursday the Sun joins Jupiter in Scorpio and Friday evening Pluto gets into the act when Venus and Mercury connect with the Lord of the Underworld.

So what does it all mean for us simple folk going about our daily business?

Relationships are the focus during this Lunation period which was kicked off by the New Moon in Libra last week.  Mars moving into Libra is chasing Venus who is scampering ahead.  Libra is Venus’ home turf and all those Venusian attributes, love, beauty, harmony are enhanced when Venus is in the house.  Mars on the other hand rules the opposite sign Aries and is in detriment when in Libra.  Mars is the warrior, athlete and explorer and those energies are difficult to express while in the sign of Libra.  So aggressiveness, assertiveness and taking action are not as easy for Mars while traveling through Libra.  Libra is the relationship sign, while Mars, a planet of passion, can just as easily go it alone.  Venus here wants everyone to get along, wants to socialize and be in relationship or relate to others in a congenial manner.

Thursday afternoon the Sun conjuncts Jupiter.  Be on the lookout for those who promise more than can be delivered.  Bragging, boasting and over confidence are common manifestations of this aspect. Judicial matters or thoughts of travel to faraway places emerge.

On Friday, when Venus squares off with Pluto congeniality goes out the window as passions are aroused.  This aspect can bring obsession, tension and jealousy.  It is not about love, it is about power and control.   When Mercury comes along and connects to Pluto we’re reminded that words have power.  They can hurt, heal or set the stage for a new beginning.  At any rate, deep and penetrating conversations are on board.

The Quarter Moon in Aquarius kicks off the weekend and this logical air sign Moon goes a long way in diffusing emotional situations.  Aquarius Moon likes a good argument, is not overly emotional and can detach, take a step back and take a cool look at the situation.  Aquarius Moon is open, but fixed.  It is not easy to get someone to change their mind under this Moon.  It can be done but you better have a good, logical, reasonable argument on hand.

This is the week to shift gears and move ahead, along or take some action of some kind.  The Taurus Full Moon coming up next week will tell another tale.  Stay tuned. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

An Eclipse Recap and Quick Look Ahead

While there are different opinions as to how long the effects of an eclipse will be felt it has been noted that events occurring around an eclipse are significant. This past eclipse promised some explosive action.  A couple of fiery plane crashes on both coasts started the week with a bang.  The stock market made record highs mid-week and Attorney General Sessions is recused himself from the investigation about Russia. Let’s not forget that North Korea is firing missiles and President Trump accused Obama of wiretapping. 

The upcoming week holds some surprises as well. As the Moon moves into Cancer on Monday morning it will aspect the volatile planetary combination in the eclipse chart with Tuesday and Wednesday highlighted for some unusual and unexpected events. I expect “something” to hit the fan Wednesday morning when Cancer Moon makes a nice aspect to the Warrior Mars in Aries.

Thursday the warrior Mars moves from his home sign Aries into Venus’ domain, Taurus. When planets change signs the energy shifts.  Mars in Taurus is not necessarily looking for a fight but there is the danger of digging one’s heels in and sticking to one’s guns even when all evidence and events indicate a change in position.  Taurus is stubborn for sure. Venus, Taurus’ ruler has turned retrograde in Aries.  This is Mars sign and this is a condition called mutual reception with two planets in each other’s sign.  It is said that when this occurs they help each other out.  I don’t know if Mars will be able to assist Venus during this retrograde period.  Venus rules love, money and the things you value.  Venus is about your wants and desires.  A retrograde period often calls these issues into review. Past loves may resurface and current loves get a second look.

This eclipse in Pisces corresponds to the eclipse of September 26, 2016 which was at 9 degrees of Virgo.  For the past few years the eclipses have been falling across the Pisces/Virgo axis.  Eclipses move backward through the Zodiac and this year there is a shift to the Aquarius/Leo axis.  Where these signs fall in your horoscope points to where the action is in your life.  While eclipses bring change, significant change usually occurs when the eclipse is smack-dab on one of the planets in your horoscope with the conjunction being the strongest.  Late May, when the Sun is in Gemini it will make a square, a 90 degree angle, to the eclipse degree activating issues that are current now.

The Full Moon reaches exactness on Sunday morning, March 12th at 10:54 AM.  In the sky at that time Mercury in Pisces at right angles to Saturn in Sagittarius.  News and the media have been under scrutiny for quite some time now with the term fake news, dishonest news being bandied about.  With this aspect we will hear more of this.  But Saturn in the picture the demand is for the truth.  Pisces Mercury needs to take the high road here and whip off them rose colored glasses.  To add to the mix there is a Grand Cardinal Square, an aspect that involves four bodies in angles and oppositions that look like a square.  This one includes the asteroid Vesta, she who guards the hearth and home, opposing Pluto and at right angle to Jupiter on one side and Uranus on the other.  This is another hit the fan moment. We may not figure it all out until Mercury moves into Aries on Monday afternoon.  While Mercury in Pisces may be a bit confused, Mercury in Aries is going to speak, may not think it through, but the words, news will come out.  This is a Mercury that “shoots from the hip” as the saying goes.  As the Moon winds down it is time to assimilate and digest all that has gone on. The Sun/Moon dance is entering the final phase before the next New Moon.  We can hope things will calm down but we are in a volatile time period with anything goes Uranus in the picture.  Remember to fasten your seat belt.  Try to remain grounded and centered. Knowing that you are on a firm foundation brings a feeling of security no matter what the outside world may bring.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Solar Eclipse, Donald Trump and the Rest of Us.

Tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees, 12 minutes of Pisces is a real humdinger. This Eclipse has the warrior Mars conjunct the rebel Uranus with both opposing Jupiter; usually considered benevolent but often bringing too much of a good thing.  This combination squares off with Pluto the destroyer and transformer.  Pluto is the “don’t fuck with me” planet.  You can’t win, he’s inexorable, hangs around for a long time, goes back and forth over the same degrees seemingly forever, he’s there until you get it right or discard it and start anew.

Expect wild swings in the stock market and other financial markets.  Also a surprise, covert military operation.  This has an international flavor with treaties, debt owed the nation and immigration boiling up and overflowing. Strong reactions on all sides confuse the issues.  Monday will start off with a bang. The shock waves will continue throughout the week with Thursday being an especially volatile day.  Saturday Venus begins her retrograde period another factor that will have an impact on the markets. The aspects in the chart of the Eclipse create an anything goes atmosphere.  In addition to the unexpected in the financial and political world the natural world also holds a few surprises.  Uranus in this chart, in combination with Mars, Jupiter and Pluto speaks to explosive events, whether it’s an earthquake, volcano or a shocking headline.

The Putin/Trump/election business will continue to unfold.  And with Jupiter retrograding back to his natal Jupiter he will continue to blow it off as disgruntled Democrats. But Saturn is waiting in the wings.  At present President Trump’s supporters continue to believe and support him despite the obvious and repeated falsehoods.  This summer will be a hot one for him. Some of the allure he holds over folks will begin to unravel.  Cracks will begin to appear in July and August as Saturn hits his Sun and Moon.  By this time next year when Saturn opposes his talker, Mercury, President Trump will be facing some hard truths.

 In the meantime, President Trump will continue to try and control the media. Unlike Russia, where Vladimir Putin has the media in his pocket, here in the United States our Constitution guarantees freedom of the press.  President Trump and his advisors are acutely aware of the power of the media and the importance of controlling the flow of information.  President Trump’s continued battle with the media is an attempt at control.  His speeches and tweets about fake news, dishonest news, failing news are part of his efforts to undermine confidence in the media.  Which isn’t hard to do given that it is corporate media and honest news without a particular slant is hard to find.  But there are some good, honest, hardworking investigative journalists out there and they will continue digging and reporting. 

For the rest of us: Don’t try to rush into things without thinking them through.  Romance may hold disappointments if we are not seeing the other as they really are.  Take off the rose colored glasses and face the reality of the situation.  With Venus retrograding in Aries, love and money can be misplaced.  Mars in Aries wants to rush headlong into whatever strikes the eye, whether it is a love relationship, a money deal or a safari through the Amazon, with no thought to the consequences.  This Eclipse in Pisces nudges us toward the spiritual.  Drop the ego, get beyond the self and get into universal love, caring and giving.  Take the high road.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Trump and Putin – What’s the Connection?

With all the news stories floating around about Russian hacking into Democratic and Republican National Committee’s emails with an eye to influencing the election in Donald Trump’s favor a look at the horoscopes of Putin and Trump and how they interact with one another has been revealing.

Vladimir Putin is a quadruple Libra with Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune in that sign. While Libra is a social sign, the people who need people sign it is often called the iron hand in a velvet glove.  This would seem to fit Putin to a tea.  He spent 16 years in the KGB rising to the rank of Lt. Colonel before becoming Prime Minister, then President of Russia.

When you place Putin’s planets around the outside of Donald Trump’s horoscope you see where his planet’s connect to Donald Trump’s planets. In astrology this type of comparison is called synastry. Synastry can reveal how folks interact with one another, the attractions and the points of friction between people.

There’s an ease of communication between these two. Trump’s Sun and Moon connect favorably with Putin’s Mercury, while Putin’s Venus returns the favor by smiling sweetly at Trump’s Mercury.

But there are issues of power and control here.  Pluto the chief architect of power and control plays a big role in this chart comparison.  Putin’s Pluto in Leo sits on Trump’s 12th house Mars and is close to Trump’s ascendant. As explained in previous postings, the ascendant is an important component in the horoscope. The 12th house is the house of secrets and behind the scenes stuff.  This power broker belonging to Putin sits on Trump’s Mars, how he uses his energy, his action planet. So yes, Putin wants to control Trumps movements.

Another control freak, Saturn is in the picture as well.  In Putin’s chart Saturn sits at 17 degrees, 27 minutes of Libra exact to the minute of Trump’s Jupiter in Libra. Saturn is all about restriction and confinement.  And once again control. 

In terms of the power of the planets, Pluto trumps Mars and Saturn trumps Jupiter. Another words, Putin’s got the power. No pun intended.

These planets pull in Trump’s all important Sun/Uranus opposite Moon combination that motivate and activate him.

The picture painted here is Vladimir Putin, behind the scenes pulling the strings. He definitely wants to control Donald Trump. Whether or not Trump is/was aware of these behind the scenes machinations will become apparent as transiting Saturn, in the sky right now, moves into position to kick off Trump’s inner dynamic as well as the dynamic between Trump and Putin.

Saturn is the planet of pay back and he’s been waiting in the wings.  If Trump makes it to the inauguration his first 100 days will not go as he planned.  As the Eclipses of January and February occur more damaging information will come out.  If he survives politically the August Eclipses should finish the job. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Donald Trump – Howling at the Moon

It’s hard to predict anything about Donald Trump because he is the essence of unpredictability due to his Sun and Uranus conjunct in Gemini.  In astrology the Sun is the core self, the heart and soul of the personality.  Uranus is the planet of the unexpected and at times shocking events.  These energies are connected in his chart and as such are a big piece of his personality. 

Donald Trump is a Full Moon baby, with his Moon in Sagittarius opposing his Sun and Uranus.  While the Sun reflects the outer personality, the Moon is the inner, the emotional component.  A Gemini Sun is always restless, curious and easily bored.  A Sagittarius Moon is also a bit restless and always looking for adventure.  Staid is not a word you would apply to Donald Trump

The upcoming Full Moon on December 13, 2016 falls on his Sun/Moon opposition. In this case the transiting Sun in Sagittarius is on his Moon and the transiting Moon is on his Sun. The energies of this Full Moon will touch his core setting off who knows what. With the Moon ruling the emotions sitting on his Sun/Uranus conjunction the unpredictable and unexpected that is Trump’s signature will be set off. Get ready to hear him howl.

Another big piece of Trump’s personality is his Ascendant, the sign on the horizon at the moment of birth. Trump has Leo rising and Mars in Leo close to his Ascendant degree.  The Ascendant is how the world sees you and is a huge part of your personality.  Leo is the show biz sign and the show must go on at all costs.  Mars is the warrior, the athlete and in a horoscope it is how you use your energy.  On the Ascendant Mars is strong and active, just the way Mars likes to be. Trump reflects this aspect in his often combative, argumentative stances.  He’s going to fight back, whether he needs to or not. This piece of his horoscope also contributes to his tendency to exaggerate and spin things in a way that puts him at the center of the action. Leo is the show biz sign after all and even though Trump lost the popular vote by a wide margin, the show must go on and he will act and behave as if he won by a landslide. This is simply how he rolls.

During the week following the Full Moon Mars in Aquarius will oppose his Mars in Leo and then oppose his Ascendant and move into his 7th house of partners and open enemies.  Mars will then move into Pisces. All this action will occur from the 14th through the 19th

Mars in Pisces can signify a spiritual warrior or one on a holy crusade when taking the high road.  When not on that high road deception, illusion and delusion can take place.  This is a position of smoke and mirrors and one cannot always be aware of what is really happening.

Donald Trump will face opposition but at this time it might not be clear who is enemies really are.  For sure the Clintonistas will oppose any and all of his actions but with Mars in Pisces here it won’t really be clear who is enemies are.  This could mean that those in his own party will be working to undermine him.  It’s no secret that many Republicans did not support him.  And he continues to make statements that the rank and file do not agree with.

To further confuse the issue, as this is all taking place, Mercury turns retrograde on December 19, 2016 at 15 degrees Capricorn.  It will move backwards and oppose his natal Mercury on December 27 2016.  In the horoscope, Mercury rules how you communicate and process information.  Trump’s Mercury is in Cancer.  His communication has a strong connection to his emotions.  He says what he feels at the moment.  In general Mercury has to do with communication, ideas, information processing and all forms of transportation and voting.   A Mercury retrograde period is a time for revising and reviewing.  Also a time of fake outs, false information, and misinformation.  Mercury does not go direct until January 8, 2017.

The day that Mercury goes retrograde is the day that the Electors meet in their respective states to record their votes.  On the 6th of January, Congress meets in joint session to count those votes. 

When Congress meets in joint session to count the electoral votes there will be a cluster of planets moving through Donald Trump’s 7th house. Remember, this is the house of open enemies. They are Moon, Venus, Mars and Neptune, this is a lot of energy concentrated in one area of the horoscope, one slice of a person’s life.  As these planets enter his 7th house throughout the month of December he’ll face continued opposition.  With all these planets in the sign of Pisces things may not be what they appear to be.  While the concentration of energy in Pisces can bring out the Mother Theresa in us all most often folks fall way short of sainthood. The down side can be deception, illusion and delusion. The big danger here is putting on the rose-colored glasses, seeing things as they want them to be, not how they really are.  High ideals also come into play here.  Ideals are wonderful concepts but it takes the practical and the material to get there.

With all this energy activating Donald Trump’s chart we can expect continued drama around him.  With Leo on the ascendant, Trump loves the drama.  But he may not love it so much when it involves the Electoral College. We are in uncharted waters here for in the sky the planet Uranus, the unexpected, opposes Jupiter, legal stuff.  This opposition connects with Donald Trump’s Sun/Uranus opposition to his Moon and pulls in his natal Jupiter as well.  That’s a lot of action and energy. Expect some controversy or issue involving the Electoral College.  It could simply mean protests. With Uranus in the picture, anything goes.

Win, lose or draw the upcoming year for Donald Trump will prove to be a rocky road as the planetary transits to his natal chart bring a time of testing, stress, opposition and unease.  The restrictions placed upon him by the very nature of the office he holds will not sit well with him.  There has been a lot of speculation concerning his tenure as President.  One thing is for sure, he will not do what is expected of him. He will shock friend and foe alike. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trump and Harry Truman's Glamorous Prison

Donald Trump with a tenth house Sun/Uranus conjunction in Gemini opposing his Moon in Sagittarius, in a lucky trine to Jupiter in the second house of money was born to shake things up.  Mars in Leo conjunct his Ascendant gives him the drive and incentive to do that. That prominent Mars also gives him a combative nature and the love of being first.  Restless and easily bored he requires intellectual stimulation and needs to take action. He’s impulsive and often does not think things through.  With Mercury, his talker, in Cancer, he says what he is feeling at the moment. 

For the past few years Trump has been riding the benevolent wave of Jupiter passing over his Leo Ascendant, moving through Virgo and his first house and now, into Libra and his second house of money and values.  Here it will connect with his natal Jupiter kicking off that lovely trine between his Jupiter and Sun/Uranus/Moon combination. This is a Jupiter return which occurs every 12 years.  Due to the retrograde motion of Jupiter, Trump will get three exact hits from transiting Jupiter to his natal Jupiter.  The dates are December 4, 2016, April 13, 2017 and August 4, 2017.  Jupiter brings all the goodies to the party. It is a period of expansion and brings new people, ideas and philosophies into your life.

The day before his first Jupiter return, mean old Saturn moves into play opposing his Gemini Uranus. Opposition is a perfect word for the combination of these two energies.  Saturn speaks to restriction, conformity, tradition whereas Uranus will have no truck with tradition, refuses to conform and will struggle against any restriction imposed upon it.  This will be a harsh dose of reality for Trump as he begins to realize how confined and restricted his life will be for the next four years.  On December 30, 2016 Saturn will make the first of three conjunctions with his natal Moon and on January 14, 2017 the first of three oppositions to his natal Sun.  Throughout 2017 Trump will be dealing with these opposing energies.  Jupiter wants expansion, Saturn wants restriction.  Uranus wants to kick down the walls and start something new and completely different. 

Trump is a money maker and risk taker.  He pushes the envelope and will not easily adjust to any restrictions placed upon him.  He may find that tweeting in the small hours will be the only outlet to vent his frustrations.  Much has been made of the first one hundred days of his presidency. Expect something explosive and shocking by the end of January.  We don’t need a crystal ball to know that health care insurance is on the agenda but by his very nature Trump will deliver an unexpected monkey wrench into the Republican agenda.  He is not going to conform. He will surprise his supporters as well as his enemies.  The planet Uranus is involved in his chart and in the sky. Uranus delivers the unthinkable.  Hang onto your hat as this roller coaster President begins his ride.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Campaign Madness – 2016

While major media outlets would have you think that the presidential nomination process is in the bag for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton; the primary season is far from over.  With a couple of thousand delegates on the Democratic side and over a thousand on the Republic side the race, though close, is ongoing.

Between now and June when the primary season ends there is a planetary alignment taking place that will have an impact on the candidate’s prospects. There is a mutable T-Square unfolding between now and June involving Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.  A T-Square is an aspect of stress involving two planets opposing each other and both being squared by another.  In this case Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces while Saturn in Sagittarius squares them both.  The signs involved are all mutable signs.  Mutable signs are changeable signs.  If this T-Square was across the fixed signs we could expect folks to dig their heels in and not budge from their positions. But with the mutable signs involved change is in the air. 

Another planetary action of significance to this race is Mars’ period of retrograde motion.  Unlike Mercury the planet that goes retrograde a couple of times a year, Mars goes retrograde every two years.  This year Mars turns retrograde on April 17th in Sagittarius.  It then proceeds to retrograde back into Scorpio on May 27th then goes direct again on June 29th at 23 Scorpio.  Mars is the planet of action providing the impetus that gets us moving.  Retrograde it can slow a person’s momentum and bring a reassessment of what action to take.

The final point to consider is Mercury’s retrograde period beginning on April 28th and ending on May 22nd. This Mercury retrograde period overlaps with the Mars retrograde period and with Mercury in Taurus the Taurus/Scorpio axis so much in play already receives another shot in the arm.

The mutable T-Square impacts Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in particular.  Bernie Sanders, a Virgo has Jupiter traveling back and forth over his natal Virgo Sun during this period.  This is good for him and will provide a welcome boost to his campaign.  That is not to say it will be easy for him for Saturn in Sagittarius squares his Virgo Sun signifying an uphill battle.  But battle he will, with Scorpio Rising he’s got the stick to it energy required for the fight. 

Donald Trump is a Gemini with Moon in Sagittarius opposing his Gemini Sun. The planet Saturn is approaching that Sun/Moon opposition and Jupiter will square the pair. So this mutable T-Square in effect through June gets up close and personal with him as well.  He too faces a battle with the established powers.  Trump, with a Leo Ascendant, the sign on the horizon at his birth, with the planet Mars on that Ascendant is pugnacious, in your face and very much in his element when the battle lines are drawn.

The retrograde Mars period will impact the campaign tactics and activities of the candidates.  Mars is the ruler of Hillary Clinton’s Scorpio Sun and Bernie Sanders’ Scorpio Ascendant. Donald Trump with Mars sitting on his Ascendant in Leo is tuned into Mars in a big way.  Capricorn Ted Cruz with Mars, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio will not get away clean either. 

For Ted Cruz, Mars goes retrograde in his third house and moves back into his second rolling back and forth over his Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Sagittarius.  This signals a change in his message and finances. Natal Jupiter hit with the Mars energy may bring big donors to his door.

Donald Trump will face increased opposition from the powers that be as Mars squares his Mars twice going backwards then forwards.  It has already squared his Mars once and that energy has manifested in his combativeness, the violence at his rally’s and Republican establishment coming out against him. They will continue to come after him and he will continue to react. A mutable, changeable Gemini, Donald Trump is able to roll with the punches but with a Leo ascendant with Mars backing up that ascendant, he’s not going away.

Scorpio Hillary Clinton, with Mars moving from her fifth house to her sixth and back again will take a gamble and toss the dice at some point.  There is danger here of over confidence and that will become apparent when she faces opposition from the collective.  Youth and women play big roles in this campaign and for Hillary Clinton in particular.

Its ‘put your dukes up time” for Virgo Bernie Sanders as Mars moves back and forth over his Ascendant moving from the first to the 12th and back again.  During that time those that oppose him will be working behind the scenes. But when Mars hits his Ascendant for the last time in July just prior to the convention, he will come out swinging.  The Mars retrograde period will prove beneficial to him.  With a strong natal retrograde Mars in Aries, the retrograde periods of Mars resonate with him and will not slow his momentum.

John Kasich, also with natal Mars retrograde in Scorpio; though lagging behind will not give up easily. A Taurus Sun, with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in that sign as well, he’s no quitter. Mars opposes his Sun for the last time just prior to the convention.  He may still be in it because he carries the conviction that he is the best qualified. Whether that is so may not matter in the hurdy-gurdy atmosphere of this campaign.

Mercury begins retrograde motion on April 28th at 23 Taurus and will move backwards until it reaches 14 Taurus on May 22nd.  It will not reach 23 Taurus again until June 7th a significant date in the primary cycle.  The primary in California on that day, with 548 delegates at stake could prove to be a deal maker or breaker.

 Ted Cruz will have Mercury moving through his 8th house of financial support from others will get some action there as it moves over his Saturn in Taurus and activates by opposition his Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio in the 2nd house of his money.  With Saturn involved it is a good guess that he will receive financial support from the establishment.  With his natal Mercury retrograde in Capricorn retrograde periods are smooth sailing for him.

For Bernie Sanders Mercury retrograde in Taurus creates a helpful trine to his Virgo Sun and North Node.  While moving through his sixth house of every day routine the retrograde period will be a time of reviewing strategy and revamping schedule.
Mercury goes retrograde just shy of Donald Trump’s Midheaven.  The Midheaven is the most elevated point in a horoscope.  This point relates to the individual’s public image, what they aspire to and the ideals they hold.  As Mercury backtracks through the 9th house of publishing there’s a chance that the media’s love affair with Trump may ebb a bit.  Mercury will not hit the very important Midheaven until well after moving direct not reaching it until June 8th at the end of the primary period.  This will be a significant time for Donald Trump.

In one of those astrological coincidences, John Kasich’s Sun sits at 24 Taurus conjunct the Donald’s Midheaven.  Retrograde Mercury will roll back and forth between Kasich’s Sun and Venus in Taurus.  The reassessment and reevaluation that Mercury retrograde periods are so famous for will be very up close and personal for Kasich.  Taurus has lots of perseverance but they are pragmatic and practical as well.  John Kasich will take a hard look at the facts.

Scorpio Hillary Clinton has natal Mercury retrograde in that sign. This Mercury retrograde period will oppose her Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. First in forward motion, then retrograde then forward again.  As Mercury moves through her 11th house of networking, with Gemini rising, she’ll be working that network gathering support.  Once again, 24 Taurus occurs with Hillary’s North Node at that degree.

This election season plays out against the backdrop of the planetary configurations of the slower moving planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  When any or all of them are engaged societal changes occur.  The proof of this is in the continued success of the “outsiders” in each party, Trump and Sanders.  And as much as the establishment would like them to go away, they are both here to stay.

Both conventions will be a slugfest. With so many planetary wild cards in play it is difficult to predict a winner.  What is for sure is the uniqueness of this campaign season which will continue to be unusual and full of unexpected surprises.  As the mutable T-Square unfolds the changing political landscape will at times slide into the muck and become more absurd and bizarre.  For sure, the unheard voices outside the mainstream will make their presence felt.